Insurance and Fees


Dr. Steven Hartman accepts some private insurance, but can only submit claims for services deemed medically necessary. If Dr. Hartman is a provider in your network and services are deemed medically necessary, then the patient will only be responsible for Session Co-Pays at the time of each session. Your authorization will be required in order for Dr. Hartman to submit insurance claims in accordance with HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

How Insurance works: Most insurance companies allow 10 pass through visits for each calendar year (January-December). Beyond 10 sessions, Dr. Hartman is required to substantiate medical necessity for ongoing insurance reimbursement. When Dr. Hartman submits a claim to the insurance company, he is required to identify a diagnosis (i.e., Anxiety Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder…) in order for the claim to be processed for reimbursement. It is important to understand that despite Dr. Hartman’s maintenance of confidential records, some personal patient information shared with the insurance company is no longer under the direct supervision of Dr. Hartman. It also means that there is an official record of treatment – how many sessions, diagnosis, progress reporting. In some rare cases, insurance companies request treatment plans and session notes so that they can evaluate medical necessity according to their standards of care.  Patients, or guardians of patients, who elect to refrain from using their insurance, have less exposure to personal health disclosures as their records are under stringent control of Dr. Hartman.  Each individual patient (or guardian of patient) must decide whether to utilize insurance or not.

What Insurance does not cover: Insurance does not cover coordination of treatment planning with school districts, other medical professionals, patient contact / emails / texts outside of the therapeutic session. Dr. Hartman will not charge for reasonable contact that last 5-10 minutes in length. However, for report writing, consultation, and other types of needs, Dr. Hartman will charge at the rates sited below for Private Pay Patients. Dr. Hartman will always notify you prior to providing a service if private pay reimbursement is expected.

Private Pay

Sometimes referred to as out-of-pocket, private pay patients pay for sessions directly to Dr. Hartman at an agreed upon fee arrangement.

Individual Therapy / Family Therapy: $150 for 45 minute session (Does not include time for treatment planning, progress notes).

Group Therapy: $50 for 45 minute sessions to $75 for 60 minute sessions.

Private pay patients can be assured that Dr. Hartman will maintain confidential records and will not divulge any information to other individuals or entities without the express written consent of the patient or guardian of patient. The only exceptions to confidentiality are those stipulated in the Consent to Treatment Contract each patients signs prior to treatment.

Psychological Assessment:

Dr. Hartman charges $150 per hour for administration, interpretation, and report writing of psychological assessments. Depending on the breadth of the evaluation, assessments may require 5-20 hours to complete. Dr. Hartman will apprise the patient, or guardian, of the approximate time-frame and develop a contract for payment (typically ½ prior to the assessment and the balance upon completion and provision of the report). Dr. Hartman does not charge for the informing session, whereby results of the evaluation are explained in great detail – which typically takes 1-2 hours.

Click Here to Download and View: Informed Consent to Treatment Contract